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Light-emitting nanoparticles embedded into glass

Tim Zhao_sq30 May 2016:

Dr Tim Zhao, CNBP Associate Investigator (University of Adelaide) is lead author on a new research paper, reporting on an innovative method for embedding light-emitting nanoparticles into glass without losing any of their unique properties. The paper’s results made the University of Adelaide news site!

Publication Title: Upconversion Nanocrystal-Doped Glass: A New Paradigm for Photonic Materials.

Authors: Jiangbo Zhao, Xianlin Zheng, Erik P Schartner, Paul Ionescu, Run Zhang, Tich-Lam Nguyen, Dayong Jin and Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem.

Abstract: The integration of novel luminescent nanomaterials into glassy matrix can lead to new hybrid materials and photonic devices with promising material performance and device functions. Lanthanide-containing upconversion nanocrystals have become unique candidates for sensing, bioimaging, photon energy management, volumetric displays, and other photonic applications. Here, a versatile direct-doping approach is developed to integrate bright upconversion nanocrystals in tellurite glass with tailored nanoscale properties. Following our two-temperature glass-melting technique, the doping tempera-
ture window of 550–625 °C and a 5 min dwell time at 577 °C are determined as the key to success, which balances the survival and dispersion of upconversion nanocrystals in glass. It is identified that the fine spectra of upconversion emissions can be used to diagnose the survival and dissolution fraction of doped nanocrystals in the glass. Moreover, 3D dispersion of nanocrystals in the glass is visualized by upconversion scanning confocal microscopy. It is further demonstrated that a low-loss fiber, drawn from the highly transparent nanocrystals-doped glass retains the distinct optical properties of upconversion nanocrystals. These results suggest a robust strategy for fabrication of high-quality upconversion nanocrystal-doped glasses. The new class of hybrid glasses allows for fiber-based devices to be developed for photonic applications or as a useful tool for tailoring light–nanoparticles interactions study.

The paper is available online.

Funding awarded for new photonic fibre device

cnbplogosquare119 May 2015:

CNBP researchers Dr Jiangbo (Tim) Zhao, Dr Sabrina Heng and A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem have been awarded twenty-two thousand dollars for their project titled ‘Fibre insight in diabetes treatment: a new photonic fibre device to investigate the enteroendocrine L-cell’. The team will design and fabricate a new microstructured optical fibre to study L-cell secretion and provide a means of screening for L-cell stimuli of therapeutic interest.

The project is co-led by Dr. Tim Zhao and Dr. Tongzhi Wu (School of Medicine).

ECR selected for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Tim Zhao19 May 2015:

After a highly competitive process, Early Career Researcher Tim Zhao has been selected as one of 13 young scientists to attend the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting for 2015. The high profile meeting, to be held at Lake Constance in Germany, is interdisciplinary in nature with attendees given the opportunity to to interact and learn from Nobel Laureates (from the fields of physics, physiology, medicine and chemistry). Over 70,000 applicants from around the world applied to attend the event with only 700 young scientists proving successful.

See more at: https://www.science.org.au/news/top-young-researchers-selected-attend-nobel-laureates-meeting

Attending ‘Science at the Shine Dome’

Tim Zhao18 May 2015:

Dr. Jiangbo (Tim) Zhao has been invited to attend ‘Science at the Shine Dome’, the annual celebration of science held at the Academy of Science in Canberra, 26 – 28 May. During the three day program, he has chance to participate in a series of lectures being presented by new Fellows of the Academy, as well as by scientists at the forefront of their fields. The theme of the year is ‘Minerals to medicines: 100 years of X-ray crystallography’. Tim has received a $500 travel grant to assist this trip.