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Profiting from the sugar coating of our cells

18 August 2018:

Shathili Abdulrahman, CNBP PhD Student at Macquarie University has won a prize for his talk ‘Profiting from the sugar coating of our cells: Immunology drugs as a case study’.

The successful talk took place at the ‘Third Saudi Scientific Symposium 2018’ organised by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in Australia and held at the University of Sydney.

The symposium had the theme, ‘Aligning Research with Job Market Expectations‘ and aimed to develop the research of postgraduate candidate’s through networking opportunities with other researchers in the areas of Medical sciences, Engineering, Computer and Applied Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Further Symposium information is accessible online.

New PhD student at Macquarie

Shaz_low-rez13 August 2015:

CNBP welcomes its newest PhD student, Shathili Abdulrahman (Shazy) at Macquarie University node. Following his graduation from the University of Sydney (Molecular Biology and Genetics), Shazy successfully finished a Master of Research under CNBP Chief Investigator Professor Nicki Packer, investigating sugar involvement in microbial pathogenicity.

He is now a CNBP PhD student involved in the ‘Discover’ research theme and the ‘Spark of Life’ biological challenge. His main aim is to quantify/discover target molecules influencing female fertility using -omics technologies. His thesis title is ‘The role of glycosylation in reproductive biology.’