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Best poster award

1 May 2017:

Dr Philipp Reineck, CNBP Researcher at RMIT University has won  best poster award at the 5th International Conference on Biophotonics (ICOB 2017), 30 April – 1 May 2017, Fremantle, Western Australia.

The poster reported on recent advances in the development and use of near-infrared fluorescent nanomaterials for biomedical imaging and sensing applications.

Dr Reineck was originally invited to give a short oral presentation about his poster, which was then selected as a ‘hot poster’ before the conference commenced. It then won ‘best poster’ resulting in a cash prize of $600 AUD.

During his short talk at ICOB, Philipp also discussed the potential of NIR fluorescent materials for wearables – for example, a watch that interrogates particles in bloodstream via near infrared light, to determine glucose levels.

Information about the ICOB conference is available online.

Spacial peptide imaging presented at ANS conference

7 December 2016:

CNBP PhD student Vicky Staikopoulos has presented a poster on preliminary work created from a collaboration between Hutchinson, Packer and Hoffmann labs at the Australasian Neuroscience Society 36th Annual Scientific Meeting hosted in Hobart 4-7th December 2016.

This work showcased CNBP and partner proteomic capabilities to measure with spacial topography, changes in identified peptide abundances throughout targeted pain processing areas.

This highlights the potential to identify many key peptides that may be involved in neuropathic pain development/maintenance that may have not been previously considered due to protocol limitations.

According to Staikopoulos this data was well received and a few scientists from various backgrounds were interested in watching this space.

CNBP talk at International Conference on Biochemistry

John Horsley Low Res Edit 014116 November 2016:

Dr John Horsley, CNBP researcher from the University of Adelaide, presented his recent work at the International Conference on Biochemistry held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 16th, 2016.

His poster presentation and talk was entitled ‘Controlling the Conformation of a Modified Gramicidin S Cyclic Peptidomimetic with an Azobenzene Photoswitch’.

Enhanced glycosylation characterisation wins HUPO PhD prize

chris_ashwood-low-rez422 September 2016:

Christopher Ashwood, CNBP PhD Candidate, has presented at an industry seminar and won a PhD award for his poster at the Human Proteome Organization World Congress from 18-22 September 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference theme was “Precision Proteomics for Precision Biology and Medicine.”

Chris Ashwood’s presentation and poster were both titled “Improving confidence in glycan structure characterisation using alternative CID fragmentation.” Discussed was the use of new technology and innovative tools to enhance characterisation of protein glycosylation using mass spectrometry with applications in mammalian protein glycosylation.

Poster presentation at Cardiac Society of Australia and NZ

Benjamin Pullen_2_sq5 August 2016:

Ben Pullen, CNBP Research Associate at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), has presented a poster entitled ‘Label-free oxidative imaging of ageing endothelial cells’ at the 2016 annual scientific meeting of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

The poster is based on a hyperspectral  project being performed in conjunction with CNBP Deputy Director Ewa Goldys at Macquarie University. The work is exploring hyperspectral imaging to investigate endothelial cell ageing in the context of vascular health and atherosclerosis.

Best poster award at CIOP 2016

Jiawen-Li_2_web19 July 2016:

Dr. Jiawen Li presented her team’s work at the 8th International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP 2016) in Shanghai, July 17-29 and was awarded best poster award.

This award was based on research work by CNBP researchers Jiawen Li, Bryden Quirk, Rodney Kirk, Robert McLaughlin, et al. with the poster titled, “Application of 3D printing technology in manufacturing miniaturized lenses for endoscopic probes.”


Poster presentation at Nanomedicine Conference

Nicole-Cordina_sq27 June 2016:

CNBP Research Fellow, Nicole Cordina, has presented a poster at the International Nanomedicine Conference in Coogee (June 27-29).

Her poster presentation “Engineering of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds towards Probing Cytokines in Live Microglial Cells” summarises her recent work with CNBP researcher Guozhen Liu, where 100 nm nanodiamonds were successfully targeted to interleukin-6 on live BV2 cells.

CNBP visits Singapore, Sweden and Denmark

Malcolm Purdey Low Res Edit 007527 May 2016:

Research Associate Malcolm Purdey has presented a science poster at the Biosensors Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (May 27th 2016). The poster was titled, “Optical fibre probes for hydrogen peroxide and pH in reproductive health.”

He has also given CNBP focused talks at the University of Lund, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore).

Malcolm’s first talk at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore was given to a group of first year students (several students reaching their final year at the Polytechnic have gone on to undertake 3-month placements with the CNBP “Recognise” team in Adelaide).

Malcolm also met with Prof. Katarina Svanberg (from the CNBP International Scientific Committee) at Lund University and gave a presentation to the Medical Laser Centre group in the Department of Physics.

Following this, he also met with some collaborators at the University of Copenhagen, and gave a presentation in the Department of Chemistry.

Malcolm’s talks were titled: “Fluorescent Sensors for BioPhotonics.”

Frontiers in Sialic Acid conference

Arun223 April 2016:

Arun Dass, CNBP researcher presented a poster at the ‘Frontiers in Sialic Acid Research Conference’ in Bad Lauterberg, Germany, 23-25 April 2016. The program of this meeting was dedicated to addressing and integrating all aspects of sialic acid related research. Internationally recognized experts met with junior scientists to establish a vivid and stimulating discussion platform.

Conference information is available online.

CNBP researchers at ICONN 2016

Peipei-Jia7 February 2016:

CNBP researchers Peipei Jia (pictured), Philipp Reineck, Ivan Maksymov, Sabrina Heng and Daniel Stubing all attended the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN), in Canberra (7-11 February 2016).

Peipei Jia, CNBP Research Fellow, presented an invited talk on the topic ‘Large-area Gold Nanomembrane by Template Transfer with a Soluble Polymer’.

Philipp presented a poster on the nanoparticle comparison project, Daniel  presented a poster titled “Reversible Ion Sensing With a Flip of a Switch”, while Ivan gave an oral talk on “Photoacoustic nanoantennae for intravascular imaging.”

Sabrina’s poster presentation was titled, “Microstructured Optical Fibers and Photoswitches: Light-Driven Sensors for Metal Ions.”

The event covered the areas of nanostructure growth, synthesis, fabrication, characterization, device design, theory, modeling, testing, applications, commercialisation, and health and safety aspects of nanotechnology.

Further information on the conference is available online.