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Piotr Wargocki back at Macquarie University

Piotr_wargocki_low-rez-sq25 November 2015:

CNBP welcomes back Piotr Wargocki who will be undertaking his PhD study as a Centre student at Macquarie University research node.

Piotr previously graduated from the Politechnika Wrocławska (Technical University of Wroclaw), Department of Electronics, Faculty of Signal Processing. Following that he took on a second Masters course in the field of Biomedical Engineering and spent a year working at Macquarie University with Centre Deputy Director Ewa Goldys.

More recently Piotr has been in Thailand at Suranaree University of Technology with Prof. Montarop Yamabhai, working on the ‘Development of a smartphone-based alternative device, in order to read ELISA signals’.

His thesis title is ‘SPAD arrays for fluorescence lifetime measurement’ and he is being supervised by David Spence and Ewa Goldys.

PhD student Ivan Antolovic from TU Delft visits CNBP node at Macquarie

Ivan and Piotr from MQ10 December 2014: Here’s to CNBP mateship

Ivan Antolovic is pictured here with Piotr Wargocki, a CNBP researcher at Macquarie.

They have only just met, but are already the best of mates, thanks to two weeks together in a dark optics lab trying to make a novel SwissSPAD chip detect photons.

The smiles tell it all, the chip has worked – on the day before Ivan had to fly back to Europe!

Congratulations to both young researchers for their outstanding FPGA programming skills and thanks to our wonderfully supportive collaborators in Physics at Macquarie, Professors David Coutts and David Spence.

The CNBP node at Macquarie and TU Delft/EPFL started this collaboration in early 2014.

The aim is to develop a single photon avalanche diode imager suitable for applications ranging from fluorescence to quantum security.

The chip is capable of fast frame rates up to 156 kfps.

Gates as short as 5 ns can be used to limit the sensitive period of the sensor.

This configuration can be utilized in time correlated measurements and yield fluorescence lifetimes.

The long term goal of this project is to enable molecular vision during surgery.



Welcome Aziz Rehman and Piotr Wargocki to the CNBP team

Themes7 August 2014:New CNBP Members at Macquarie

Today the Macquarie node of CNBP welcomed two budding researchers Aziz Rehmann and Piotr Wojdecki.

Aziz is our new PhD student being supervised by Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director of CNBP. His program will contribute to noninvasive sensing of biological systems within the “Detect“ theme.

Piotr is working on a small project with a company Moxtek to develop a mobile phone based assay platform. Professor Goldys collaborates with Moxtek on novel biosensors.