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Collaborative research visit to Peking University

April 2019

CNBP PhD Student Ms Yuan Qi Yeoh enjoyed a two week collaborative visit with Prof Xuefeng Guo’s team at Peking University. Working with Peking University PhD student Xinjiani Chen on a  research project involving the molecular dynamics of the secondary structure of a cyclic photoswitchable peptide.

Yuan Qi had the opportunity to participate in the fabrication process of the single-molecule devices. Specifically, they carried out temperature-dependent experiments using their advanced facilities to probe the molecular dynamics of the secondary structure upon photoswitching.

Yuan Qi says that “It was a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues at Peking University in such high impact research and enjoyed working in their sophisticated research labs”

New international grant

dayong jin August 2014: National Nature Science Foundation of China

Congratulations to A/Prof Dayong Jin for the recently announced grant “upconversion nanomaterials for super resolution nanoscopy from the  National Nature Science Foundation (NNSF) of China.  The grant of 200k RMB for 2 years was awarded under the International Collaboration Visiting Professorship Award Scheme in collaboration with Prof Peng Xi at Peking University.