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CNBP talk at International Conference on Biochemistry

John Horsley Low Res Edit 014116 November 2016:

Dr John Horsley, CNBP researcher from the University of Adelaide, presented his recent work at the International Conference on Biochemistry held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 16th, 2016.

His poster presentation and talk was entitled ‘Controlling the Conformation of a Modified Gramicidin S Cyclic Peptidomimetic with an Azobenzene Photoswitch’.

Director participates at AmCham event on nanotechnology

Mark Hutchinson_1_low_sq3 November 2016:

CNBP Director, Professor Mark Hutchinson, has presented a talk at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Event on Nanotechnology held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Adelaide on the 3rd November 2016.

Attendees at the event, primarily a business audience, heard from three speakers about the latest in nano technology trends, the potential for business model disruption and business opportunities of the future.

Topics covered included nanomaterials being tested for use in food packaging to greatly improve shelf life and safety, and nanosensors being developed to detect food-borne pathogens for food packaging.

Director speaks at Agriculture Research Day

Mark Hutchinson_1_low_sq2 November 2016:

The Director, CNBP (Professor Mark Hutchinson) has given an invited talk at the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food & Wine’s Research Day held at the Pavilion Function Centre, Adelaide, on 2 November 2016.

Profesor Hutchinson’s talk was titled, “Using light to measure – creating windows into the body and potential applications for agriculture in the next five years.”

Goldys gives public talk on cell colour

Ewa Goldys Low Res Edit 01594 October 2016:

CNBP Deputy Director Prof Ewa Goldys gave a colourful and illuminating public talk at Macquarie University today, discussing a pioneering hyperspectral imaging technique that is helping researchers better understand the composition of cells, right down at a molecular level.

The talk, entitled, ‘A Eureka Moment for Cell Colour Technology’, explored the use of colour information to differentiate between cells – applying photonics to biology.

Goldys believes that this next-generation methodology offers a new window to non-invasively and rapidly detect major health conditions including neurodegeneration, cancer and diabetes.

The research won Goldys and her colleague Martin Gosnell, the 2016 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology.

Below: Ewa Goldys presenting her work on the fluorescent colour signatures of living cells and tissues, using big data techniques and innovative computing technology .


Florey Postgraduate Research Conference

sabrina229 September 2016:

CNBP researcher Dr Sabrina Heng was keynote speaker at the 10th Florey International Postgraduate Research Conference at the University of Adelaide on the 29th September, 2016.

Sabrina’s talk, titled ‘Persistence Towards Progress’ was a part of the ‘Pathways to Success’ symposium’ session. The symposium highlighted leaders in diverse areas of excellence (research, outreach, education, entrepreneurship, and clinical translation). Speakers were invited to present their own experiences as well as to discuss their broader observations (on what helps and what doesn’t) in the transitional process of moving from degrees to careers.


Enhanced glycosylation characterisation wins HUPO PhD prize

chris_ashwood-low-rez422 September 2016:

Christopher Ashwood, CNBP PhD Candidate, has presented at an industry seminar and won a PhD award for his poster at the Human Proteome Organization World Congress from 18-22 September 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference theme was “Precision Proteomics for Precision Biology and Medicine.”

Chris Ashwood’s presentation and poster were both titled “Improving confidence in glycan structure characterisation using alternative CID fragmentation.” Discussed was the use of new technology and innovative tools to enhance characterisation of protein glycosylation using mass spectrometry with applications in mammalian protein glycosylation.

International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons

28 May-1 June 2017:

CNBP Research Fellows at Macquarie University, Dr Lindsay Parker (pictured) and Dr Nicole Cordina will attend the 11th International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons 2017 to be held in Cairns, Australia May 28 – June 1.

The conference spans wide research topics from fundamental physical and chemical concepts to applied technologically driven applications with carbon based materials. Those include, but not limited to single crystal diamond, nanodiamonds, carbon nanotubes, graphene and other carbon nanostructures.

Dr Parker has been selected for an oral presentation for her work titled: “Applications of fluorescent nanodiamonds in cellular molecular tracing”.

Dr Cordina has been selected for a poster presentation for her work titled: “Targeting fluorescent nanodiamonds to E-selectin for the detection of inflammation”.

CNBP visits Singapore, Sweden and Denmark

Malcolm Purdey Low Res Edit 007527 May 2016:

Research Associate Malcolm Purdey has presented a science poster at the Biosensors Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (May 27th 2016). The poster was titled, “Optical fibre probes for hydrogen peroxide and pH in reproductive health.”

He has also given CNBP focused talks at the University of Lund, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore).

Malcolm’s first talk at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore was given to a group of first year students (several students reaching their final year at the Polytechnic have gone on to undertake 3-month placements with the CNBP “Recognise” team in Adelaide).

Malcolm also met with Prof. Katarina Svanberg (from the CNBP International Scientific Committee) at Lund University and gave a presentation to the Medical Laser Centre group in the Department of Physics.

Following this, he also met with some collaborators at the University of Copenhagen, and gave a presentation in the Department of Chemistry.

Malcolm’s talks were titled: “Fluorescent Sensors for BioPhotonics.”