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How Bollywood boost Australia’s brainpower

3 September 2019:

In the 10 years since graduating with a degree in biotechnology from university in her home state of Odisha in India, Minakshi Das has covered a lot of ground – both physically and in her studies.

First she did her masters in Biomedical Engineering at Gachon University in South Korea followed by a year’s work as a research fellow at a biotech company. Continue reading

New student at CNBP MQ node

Minakshi-Das_sq15 August 2016:

CNBP’s Macquarie University node welcomes student Minakshi Das to the team.

Minakshi is undertaking her PhD on bio functionalization of upconversion nanoparticles for cancer cell targeting and labeling, and is being supervised by Dr. Xiaoxue Xu and CNBP Chief Investigator, Professor Nicolle Packer.

Prior to joining Macquarie University, Minakshi completed her Masters of Engineering in Biomedical Sciences from Gachon University, South Korea. She worked under the guidance of Prof. Dong Kee Yi and Prof. Seong Soo A. An, where she analysed the protein corona effect of silica functionalised gold nanorods on mammalian cells.

Minakshi also possesses a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biotechnology from Utkal University, Odisha, India.

Her career goal in the near future is to solve the unanswered questions related to ‘upconversion nanoparticle – cell interaction’ as a part of her PhD and to continue doing further research in nanotechnology for Targeted Cancer Therapy.