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Undergraduate students take on a CNBP summer project

2015 summer student YuanJanuary 2015 – Summer student at Adelaide Node

Working with Dr Jinxian Yu and the recognise theme; Ms Yuan Yeoh has spent 6 weeks as a University of Adelaide summer research student.  It has been a pleasure to participate in a summer research project. This has given me an opportunity to learn, as well as to polish my lab skills. I feel happy to utilise the scientific knowledge into real-life applications. A summary of her project is described below.

Synthesis of Azobenzene as a Photo-inducible Molecular Switch

Azobenzene changes configuration (cis & trans) when illuminated with light of particular wavelength. This molecular switch can be incorporated into functional molecules, such as proteins, sensors, electronic devices, etc. Thus, by controlling the configuration of the switch, the electron transfer in functional molecules can be fine tuned.

Encouraging future scientists

November 2Neuro014: High School Work Experience

Mr Julian Greentree spent a week in the neuroimmunopharmacology laboratory working with CNBP researchers Ms Vicky Staikopoulos and Dr Sanam Mustafa.

During this time Julian was trained in cell culture techniques and novel clearing histological techniques in the development phases for later rollout in biophotonics projects.

Prof Mark Hutchinson wow’s first year students

markhutchinson  20 October 2014: FIGJAM award

Professor Hutchinson was awarded the coveted University of Adelaide “Fig Jam Award” from first year science coordinator Dr Velta Vingelis for a recent lecture to undergraduate students.  In the words of Dr Vingelis:  I also know for a fact that kids were all amazed and that many will be emailing you, stalking you, in general harrassing you for the opprtunity to work/volunteer in your laboratory. You left an indelible impression on the students and myself.

Congratulations Mark!

Opportunities for future scientists

4029 – 30 September 2014 – Work Experience. 

Ms Amy Beecham from St Dominic’s Priory College spent 2 -days with the Spark of Life Biological Challenge working with Ms Lesley Ritter.

During this time Amy had the opportunity to observe and participate in bovine ovary aspiration, oocyte collection, bovine IVF, cell culture, and protein purification.

If you would like to find out about work experience opportunities at the CNBP please contact Kathy Nicholson at kathy.nicholson@ adelaide.edu.au

Reaching out across the disciplines to high school students

Ewa with students25 June 2014: Engaging with high school students

Today professor Ewa Goldys from the MQ Node of CNBP was busy showing the miracle of laser-based holography to a work experience student Amelia Caleye from the Performing Arts High School (Newtown High) (left). Colleagues from the Faculty of Human Sciences Jane Franklin (right) and Travis.Wearne (PhD/Masters of Clinical Neuroscience) were very happy to join as well.

Macquarie has one of the world’s largest holograms on permanent display. It is entitled “To absent friends” and it represents a scene inside of a pub before during and at the end of the party night in 1986 (incidentally, attended by our Node Director, Professor Jim Piper). It was created by an artist Paula Dobson in 1989.