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Invited talks at University of Colorado Boulder

Ewa Goldys Low Res Edit 015911 February 2016:

Ewa Goldys, CNBP Deputy Director and Lindsay Parker, CNBP Research Fellow were invited speakers at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Ewa and Lindsay, hosted by Profs Steven Meier and Linda Watkins from the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, spoke about various activities and projects currently taking place across the CNBP. Also discussed were potential areas of research collaboration.

Summer scholarship students at Macquarie

lindsay_parker-low-rez-web110 February 2016:

Lindsay Parker, CNBP Research Fellow, supervised undergraduate student Tereza Lois-Palumbo and Masters student Ashish Shrestha during their 5 week summer scholarship program at Macquarie University.

Tereza and Ashish researched gene changes in multiple cell lines after exposure to LPS inflammation. They learned skills in cell culture, sample staining, microscopy, data analysis and data presentations during their short program.

Ashish will continue to be mentored by Lindsay throughout the year on CNBP related research projects related to ISH gene testing.

Chronic methamphetamines increase oxytocin levels

lindsay_parker-low-rez-web116 November 2015:

CNBP Research Fellow Lindsay Parker has recently contributed to a manuscript published in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology studying the effects of chronic meth abuse on oxytocin levels and receptor expression.

The paper is titled, “Chronic methamphetamine self-administration dysregulates oxytocin plasma levels and oxytocin receptor fibre density in the nucleus accumbens core and subthalamic nucleus of the rat.”

Further paper detail is available online.


CNBP visits Belmont High School

Outreach-1ab13 November 2015:

CNBP researchers Andy Greentree, Denitza Denkova and Lindsay Parker took their science to the students on Friday Nov 13th, visiting Belmont High School for a fun filled day of outreach, incorporating science demonstrations, talks, informal discussion and chat.

First up was a 75 minute stage show in front of approximately 80 students from Years 8 and Year 9. Light as a concept was first explained, its wave and particle nature providing the basis for the session. A leaf-blower, table tennis balls, lasers, strobe lights and running water were also used, demonstrating the nature of light and its reflective, refractive and diffractive properties.

Nanodiamonds, iPhones, invisibility cloaks and glow sticks also made an appearance with the challenges and opportunities of looking deeply into the body and CNBP’s research mission clearly outlined.

This was followed by morning tea with the teaching staff and then a further talk and Q&A session with the school’s Year 12 chemistry class.

Thank you to all the students and teachers involved on the day. Great fun and extremely rewarding!

Somatostatin 2A receptors not expressed

lindsay_parker-low-rez-web126 October 2015:

Lindsay Parker, CNBP researcher has had a new manuscript accepted and published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology.

Title: “Somatostatin 2A receptors are not expressed on functionally identified respiratory neurons in the ventral respiratory column of the rat.”

The abstract is available online.

An in situ hybridisation/immunohistochemistry staining microscopy photograph from the manuscript was also selected as the cover photo for the issue in which the manuscript is due to appear.