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Monthly Macquare seminars

Biju Cletus28 May 2015:

CNBP Macquarie node undertook its monthly seminar series today, with Dr. Varun Sreenivasan and Dr. Biju Cletus presenting for 30 minutes on the following abstract topics, each followed by a short Q&A session:

Title: Nanorubies for Biomolecular Imaging
Contributors: Varun Sreenivasan, W. A. Wan Razali, Carlo Bradac, Mark Connor, Ewa Goldys, Andrei Zvyagin

Abstract: Nanorubies were introduced as promising probes for biological fluorescence microscopy by our group in 2013. They possess unique photoluminescence properties including, broad excitation spectra (350-570 nm), sharp emission (692+/-3 nm), large quantum yield (~30%), long emission lifetime (~4 ms), extreme photostability and biocompatibility. However, their uptake into the bio-imaging community has been limited due to low production yield and high cost. Therefore, we developed a large scale nanoruby production approach to produce large quantities (several grams) of nanorubies in the size range of 10-200 nm. Results of its characterisation, biofunctionalization, and specific and sensitive imaging of G-protein coupled receptors in mammalian cells will be presented.

Title: Hyperspectral Autofluorescence Fundus Camera
Contributors: Biju Cletus, Martin Gosnell, Ayad Anwer, Ewa Goldys

Abstract: Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is an emerging diagnostic imaging modality for bio- medical applications. The current research presented here is in the field of hyperspectral autofluorescence imaging, which combines spectroscopy and imaging. This research project intends to modify a Fundus camera to get hyperspectral fluorescence images of the eye. The hyperspectral fluorescence camera will be capable of imaging different sections of the eye from lens to retina providing tissue information that is not available from usual Fundus images. Here we present some preliminary experimental results from the modified Fundus camera.