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New Diamond and Nano Carbons conference

1 June 2017:

CNBP was well represented at the 11th International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons, held in Cairns, Australia, 28th May – June 1, 2017.

CNBP Chief Investigator A/Prof Brant Gibson was Co-chair of the conference (pictured) with CNBP researcher Dr Philipp Reineck a contributing speaker, presenting on ‘Bright and photostable nitrogen‐vacancy fluorescence from unprocessed detonation nanodiamonds’.

Also providing a contributing talk was CNBP’s Dr Lindsay Parker, ‘Applications of fluorescent nanodiamonds in cellular molecular tracing.’

Additionally,  CNBP’s Andrew Greentree, Ivan Maksymov, Daniel Drumm, Ashleigh Heffernan, Marco Capelli, Nicole Cordina and Emma Wilson gave poster presentations and Brooke Bacon and Desmond Lau provided administrative and technical support respectively.

The conference spanned research topics from fundamental physical and chemical concepts to applied technologically driven applications with carbon based materials. This including single crystal diamond, nanodiamonds, carbon nanotubes, graphene and other carbon nanostructures.

What’s better than winning an award? Winning two!

Ashleigh Heffernan Low Res Edit 008113 February 2014: Awards for academic excellence

At the RMIT School of Applied Science Award Ceremony in March 2015, CNBP student representative Ashleigh Heffernan will be presented with two awards for outstanding academic achievement in 2014.

The Walter Boas Memorial Prize is awarded for “the student completing third year Physics courses whose creativity in academic endeavors is judged worthy of recognition” (presented to two people in 2014), and the Nanotechnology Award (Physics) is awarded for “the best overall performance in the double degree Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology) / Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) majoring in Physics”. Ashleigh graduated with distinction in December 2014 and will commence a Master of Science degree in March 2015, under the supervision of Associate Professor Brant Gibson at the RMIT Node.