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Glass artists visit the Braggs Building to explore how scientists use glass for fibres

heikeebendorff12-15 February 2015: Science meets Art

A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidelpriem will host two tours of the Braggs research laboratories at the University of Adelaide.

Visitors will include glass artists from around Australia with an interest in understanding the way in which researchers make and manipulate glass for scientific research.

CNBP applies to be part of Vivid Sydney



cnbplogosquare1October 2014: Science – Art opportunities

Our research has a particularly powerful narrative of creating new windows to the body. Here we express it through the medium of art. Art captures deeper connections beyond the known while scientific investigation navigates between the known and unknown. To reflect these ideas we brought together a team of artists and scientists whose research centres on visually powerful areas of microscopy and nanotechnology