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IPAS Pilot Project Grants Awarded


15 December 2014: Three Grants awarded to CNBP researchers

CNBP resarchers at the University of Adelaide were successful in obtaining three IPAS pilot project grants totaling $45,000

Characterisation of aquaporin-1 (AQP1) ion channel activity in migrating cancer cells using a novel photoswitchable fluorescent probe, Andrea Yool, Sabrina Heng, Jinxin (Victor) Pei, $15K

Rapid phenotyping of human stem cells sub-populations using optical spectroscopy, Georgios Tsiminis, Erik Schartner, Simon Koblar, Mark Hutchinson, $10K

UV-guiding silica hollow-core fibre for biological sensing, Philip Light, Sabrina Heng, Chris Perrella, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, $15K

Private – Node Visit Arun Das to Adl for 2 weeks

November 26th- December 12th Research collaboration with Prof. Peter Hoffmann’s Proteomics research group (Adelaide University) on Glycan MALDI imaging of cancer tissues.

​ November 28th- November 30th Attended and presented (Glycomics driven Discoveries) at The 6th Mt Lofty workshop on Frontier Technologies for Nervous System Function & Repair.

December 3rd Lab Visit and potential collaboration discussion with the Origin of sensation node (Adelaide University), Prof Mark Hutchinson, Dr Sanam Mustafa and Ms Vicky Staikopoulo.

December 9th Lab Visit and potential collaboration discussion with the Spark of Life node (Adelaide University), Prof. Jeremy Thompson and Dr. Hannah Brown.

December 12th Lab Visit and potential collaboration discussion with the Inside Blood Vessels node (SAMRI), Dr. Nisha Rao, Dr. Achini Vidnapathirana and Mr Benjamin Pullen.

December 1st Lab Visit and initiated collaboration with Tim Zhao (Associate Professor Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem’s group, Adelaide University) on nanoparticle embeddidng to glass and surface dervitisation.