CNBP’s technology toolbox for remote working

27 March 2020:

Here’s a list of tools we work with at CNBP to facilitate remote working: for video call; webinars and professional development workshops 

  • At times of high demand and weak wifi turn off the video or use the dial in options
  • The mute button is your friend in these online gatherings. 
  • A new set of sign-language to the meeting lead is important to ensure everyone has a chance to not only speak but be heard.

Slack for direct messaging;  project-specific discussions; shared resources and general announcements that might otherwise get lost in full inboxes. 

  • By using platforms like Slack it makes the communications intentionally special and specific.

Collaborative work-spaces such as Dropbox and Google Drive 

  • These allow for “seamless” parallel co-writing and editing of documents that would otherwise be edited in series.

Asana or SmartSheets for project management

  • However, we have also come to understand that there are sensitivities when changing the status quo. Doing everything at once is not a good idea, and like drinking from a fire hydrant.
  • We experienced an epic failure in our first attempt to introduce Asana because changes were made using a top-down approach. 
  • From this experience, we learnt to incorporate a change management strategy engaging and training early adopters before encouraging wide-spread adoption. 
  • Funnily enough, that same epic failure has now turned into Asana becoming the favourite management tool for a broad range of the team.