Outreach Sydney Science Festivavl

2018/08/16 : : Annemarie Nadort : Expo for primary school students in the Australian Museum : RedXcross16x9 10 August
Australian museum
Sydney science festival expo.

Around 100 primary school kids visited the booth

Dr martin Plöschner demonstrated which ordinary things will glow when you shine UV light on them: soap, detergent, money, identity documents.

But also natural things like scorpions, green leaves and bacteria on pistachios !

Finally the kids could read secret messages that were left by criminals…

Dr Annemarie nadort showed the children how you can see your own network of blood vessels in your tongue with a special microscope camera.

The kids were amazed by seeing the continuous flow of red blood cells in the vessels like ‘in rollercoasters’ or ‘like little ants walking on paths’ like the children said.

It was great to see the excitement and interest from kids as young as 6