Welcome Fang Gao


The Macquarie University node of CNBP welcomes PhD student Fang Gao to the team.

Fang is undertaking her PhD on real-time sensing for cytokines and is being supervised by Center Deputy Director Prof. Ewa Goldys and Centre Research Fellow A/Prof. Guozhen Liu.

Fang’s research interests lie in the field of fluorescent sensing of biomolecules and biological imaging. Her background is primarily in Analytical Chemistry and Material Science.

Prior to joining Macquarie University, Fang completed her Master of Medicine in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the South-Central University for Nationalities, China. She worked under the guidance of A/Prof. Dan Zhao, where she synthesized a series of novel water-soluble quantum dots and conducted a chiral sensing for tyrosine enantiomers.

Her career goal in the near future is to help construct a device which can detect  cytokines in vivo in real time.