Third harmonic generation of ECFs

Stephen Warren-Smith28 July 2016:

Researchers from CNBP and The Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT), have had a paper published today on the topic of third harmonic light generation using ECFs.

Journal: Optics Express.

Publication title: Third harmonic generation in exposed-core microstructured optical fibers.

Authors: Stephen C. Warren-Smith, Jingxuan Wie, Mario Chemnitz, Roman Kostecki, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Tanya M. Monro and Markus A. Schmidt.

Inter-modal phase-matched third harmonic generation has been demonstrated in an
exposed-core microstructured optical fiber. Our fiber, with a partially open core having a
diameter of just 1.85 µm, shows efficient multi-peak third-harmonic generation between 500nm and 530 nm, with a maximum visible-wavelength output of 0.96 μW. Mode images and simulations show strong agreement, confirming the phase-matching process and polarization dependence. We anticipate this work will lead to tailorable and tunable visible light sources by exploiting the open access to the optical fiber core, such as depositing thin-film coatings in order to shift the phase matching conditions.

The paper is available online.