MQ Uni node hosts CNBP ECRs

ECR-Cruise17 June 2016:

A CNBP workshop tailored for early career researchers (ECRs) was held at Macquarie University, June 17th, 2016.

A full-house saw a number of topics discussed, including:

-how to write a successful grant and how to respond to grant feedback (from CNBP ECRs with current successful ARC Fellowships).

-an update of key points discussed at the CNBP Executive Management Committee meeting

-and a Q&A session discussing differences in industry versus an academic research focus.

During this event, attendees were also honored to welcome Mal Eutick, CEO of Phebra Australia. Mal was generous enough to share his experiences/advice on biomedical commercialization and industry. He had several insightful interactions with CNBP ECRs about topics ranging from procuring investor funding to product development and distribution in Australia and worldwide.

Feedback from all participants was positive with Mal and his observations on industry focused opportunities prompting a high level of engagement and interest.

In addition, approximately 40 of the attending CNBP ECRs undertook a social networking event, held on a Sydney harbor-boat cruise on the evening of June 16th. This too receiving extremely positive feedback.