Successful workshop at MQ Uni

cnbplogosquare116 June 2016:

CNBP’s Macquarie University node was pleased to host a full day multi-nodal CNBP workshop on Thu 16th June, 2016.

Centre researchers (from Macquarie University, The University of Adelaide and RMIT University) participated in the workshop activity with a number of informative talks undertaken – all based on current CNBP research and more specifically on nanoparticle–biomolecule conjugation and real world applications. Topics covered included upconversion nanoparticles, nanodiamonds, nanorubies, magnetic nanoparticles, graphene quantum dots, fluorescent chemical probes, protein corona’s and imaging technologies.

Separating out the talks were two group discussion panels – the first examining materials, bioconjugation and applications – the second, looking at the application of CNBP technologies  in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo. Dialogue and data captured during these sessions, showed clear advancement in both CNBP science and activity, as well as exciting plans for the future.

The final talk of the day was provided by new CNBP Investigator and University of Adelaide  Chair of BioPhotonics, Prof. Robert McLaughlin, who gave an entertaining and informative talk on “Survival skills for researchers: papers, collaborations and grants.”

Drinks and networking concluded a highly successful event.

Below – CNBP Associate Investigator Dr Bing Yang Shi discusses his work on upconversion nanoparticles.