New Research Fellow role for Nima Sayyadi

Nima Sayyadi_web25 May 2016:

Dr. Nima Sayyadi at Macquarie University, former CNBP Associate Investigator, has been employed as a CNBP Research Fellow.

Dr Sayyadi  has previously been responsible for designing  and developing a series of novel europium luminescent chelates which have successfully been applied to the detection of Staphylococcus aureus using luminescent in situ hybridization (LISH) techniques. He has also developed europium chelates using different immunoconjugate platforms for sensitive TGL detection of a wide range of bacteria, protozoa and human cancer cells.

His new CNBP related activity will involve exploring the synthesis and application of novel lanthanide chelates for the sensitive time-gated luminescence (TGL) detection of bio-targets in complex biological matrices.

More specifically Dr Sayyadi’s activity will be focused on the following –

* Synthesis of Europium chelate molecules with different conjugation functionality e.g. amino, sulphydryl, alkyne, hydrazide.

* Conjugation of Europium chelates to protein, sugars, nucleic acids, and characterization of the conjugates.

* Testing and application of time-gated orthogonal scanning automated microscopy (OSAM) and standing microscope (when developed) for single cell detection of Europium chelates

* Time-gated luminescent immunodetection (using IgG and IgM) for detection of target proteins in biological samples (urine, blood, and saliva).

Well done on the gaining of your new role Nima!