Monthly Archives: April 2016

CNBP student recognised with biotech award


Congratulations to CNBP honours student Emma Wilson from our RMIT University node in Melbourne. Emma was recognised this evening with an award for her ‘Outstanding Achievements in Biotechnology’.

The Award is an industry sponsored award for academic excellence in the RMIT Biotechnology Degree, and it is awarded for best student performance overall.

Emma’s research is focused on investigating the peroxidase-like activity of Fluorescent Nanodiamond (FND) within a traditional bio-sensing assay.

Supervised by CNBP Chief Investigator Associate Professor Brant Gibson, Dr Philipp Reineck from the RMIT node of the CNBP and Professor Vipul Bansal, Group Leader of the RMIT NanoBiotechnology Research Laboratory, Emma is finding her work challenging but extremely rewarding!

“The opportunity to work under the guidance of these three scientists, each with their diverse expertise and perspectives is a great honour,” said Emma. “The award made for a fantastic evening.”

Director speaks at New Frontiers

Mark Hutchinson Low Res Edit 016413 April 2016:

Professor Mark Hutchinson, CNBP Director has attended and given an invited talk at the the New Frontiers – The Big Frontier: Data, Populations and Connections event held at McLaren Vale on 13 April 2016.

This year there were 25 speakers contributing to the program.

Professor Hutchinson’s talk title was: Neuroimmunology and Novel Sensing Tools.