Paper looks at magneto plasmonic nanoantennas

Ivan Maksymov Low Res Edit 014725 March 2016:

Novel magneto-plasmonic nanoantennas are the focus of attention in the latest paper published by CNBP researcher Ivan Maksymov in the journal ‘Reviews in Physics’.

Title: Magneto-Plasmonic Nanoantennas: Basics and Applications.

Author: Ivan S. Maksymov

Abstract: Plasmonic nanoantennas is a hot and rapidly expanding research field. Here we overview basic operating principles and applications of novel magneto-plasmonic nanoantennas, which are made of ferromagnetic metals and driven not only by light, but also by external magnetic fields. We demonstrate that magneto-plasmonic nanoantennas enhance the magneto-optical effects, which introduces additional degrees of freedom in the control of light at the nano-scale. This property is used in conceptually new devices such as magneto-plasmonic rulers, ultra-sensitive biosensors, one-way subwavelength waveguides and extraordinary optical transmission structures, as well as in novel biomedical imaging modalities. We also point out that in certain cases ’non-optical’ ferromagnetic nanostructures may operate as magneto-plasmonic nanoantennas. This undesigned extra functionality capitalises on established optical characterisation techniques of magnetic nanomaterials and it may be useful for the integration of nanophotonics and nanomagnetism on a single chip.

The paper is accessible online.