Scientists in Schools visit

sabrina23 March 2016:

Dr Sabrina Heng, CNBP researcher has undertaken a school visit to Lockleys Primary School in Adelaide as a part of the ‘Scientists in Schools’ outreach program.

Sabrina has been part of the Scientists in Schools program since 2011 and from last year has been attached to Lockleys, and more specifically to a year 5/6 class of approximately 15-16 students.

As part of the program, Sabrina is given a copy of the school curriculum for the year  and works in coordination with the class teacher to design simple experiments for the students to work on.

Says Sabrina, “Last week was the first meeting of the school year so I talked about my work at CNBP and life as a scientist. I also sat down with the the teacher to plan out upcoming experiments. The students will be learning about solubility and saturation in the coming weeks so I plan to design an experiment around that, that they can work on.”

Concluded Sabrina, “I try to help students relate to what they learn in text books to real-world experimentation. It seems like the kids always look forward to my visit and I have a really good relationship with the school!”