New PhD student at Macquarie Uni

Abbas_web26 February 2016:

We welcome our newest CNBP PhD student to Macquarie University, Abbas Habibalahi.

Abbas will be supervised by CNBP Deputy Director Prof. Ewa Goldys and will join her research group, working on hyperspectral imaging.

Prior to joining Macquarie University, Abbas graduated with a BSc Degree (majoring in mechanical engineering) from Tabriz University  and then completed his M.Sc. Degree from the Iran University of Science & Technology (also majoring in mechanical engineering).

He has researched experimentally on sensors, measurement and non-destructive evaluation of components and materials . His final thesis explored material characterization and was titled, “Residual stress measurement using ultrasonic waves and pulsed eddy currents.”

His research focus and interest is non-destructive testing and non-invasive label free identification related to cancer and normal cells.

Welcome to the team Abbas!