Jeremy Thompson awarded Commercial Accelerator Grant

Jeremy Thompson27 January 2016:

Adelaide Research and Innovation has awarded A/Prof. Jeremy Thompson (CNBP Chief Investigator at the University of Adelaide) a Commercial Accelerator Grant of $38 000 for novel storage systems of cattle embryo production media.

Thompson notes that, “The cattle in vitro embryo production industry is hamstrung in having a major impact in improving the genetics of animals, by poor performance of generating good quality embryos from the valuable oocytes collected from an individual cow.”

“Amongst the many factors that are involved in making embryos, a major limitation is the performance of the embryo production solutions. These are highly specialised formulations and require sterile/clean room facilities to manufacture, an unbroken cold change for delivery to a specific site and have a short shelf-life of only 4 weeks.”

“We have been developing an alternative packaging system which will remove these barriers. This ¬†was attractive to the CAS grant committee, who awarded $38,800 for the project to start immediately in 2016.”

Further information on successful Adelaide Research and Innovation grants is available online.