Orth talks at SPIE Micro+Nano conference

Antony_Orth_web8 December 2015:

‘Gigapixel hyperspectral microscopy for high content analysis’ was the talk undertaken by CNBP Research Fellow Antony Orth, at the SPIE Micro+Nano Conference in Sydney, December, 2015.

The talk was based on the following research paper:

Paper title: Gigapixel hyperspectral microscopy for high content analysis.

Paper authors: Antony Orth, RMIT Univ. (Australia), The Rowland Institute (United States); Monica J. Tomaszewski, Richik N. Ghosh, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (United States); Ethan F. Schonbrun, The Rowland Institute at Harvard (United States)

A key part of the drug discovery process relies on image-based assays to assess the efficacy of potential medical compounds. These assays can involve imaging up to millions of cells in many different colors – a time consuming task for today’s automated microscopes. We have developed a microlens-based microscope capable of acquiring large images faster and with more colors than current systems. We discuss system design, present gigapixel microscope images with up to 13 color channels, and demonstrate proof of concept spectral unmixing for a cell proliferation assay.