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CNBP researcher awarded NHMRC Peter Doherty fellowship

Bing-yang-shi9 November 2015:

CNBP Associate Investigator Dr Bing Yang Shi has been awarded the prestigious NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship for his project titled, “New nanoparticle strategies for efficient delivery and controlled release into the brain.”

This fellowship provides a vehicle for full time training in basic research within biomedical sciences in Australia and enables fellows to work on research projects under nominated advisers.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been awarded this fellowship”, said Bing Yang. “It encourages me to be a top researcher and to make important contributions to medical and public health, based on my unique knowledge and skill set.”

Further information on the successful fellowship can be found online here:

CNBP launches Macquarie Uni node

cnbplogosquare19 November 2015:

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) officially launched its Macquarie University Research Node, at a formal event today in Sydney.

This official launch was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bruce Dowton, a number of distinguished guests and a large contingent of CNBP researchers from all three Research Nodes, as well as members of the CNBP International Advisory Committee.

In helping launch the node, Professor Mary O’Kane, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer said, “Physics, biomolecular sciences and nano-technology are key research strengths at Macquarie University.”

Professor Piper noted that over fifty researchers, staff and students from the University, spanning a wide range of disciplines, would contribute to CNBP activity.

Said Piper, “The technologies and tools that the team is developing will help us better understand a wide range of human related conditions and offer many opportunities for commercialisation, benefiting the Australian economy.

Also acknowledged during the event was CNBP’s industry partnership with BioPlatforms Australia.


Mark Hutchinson attends AFOSR program review

Mark Hutchinson Low Res Edit 01646 November, 2015

Mark Hutchinson, CNBP Director, attended the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Combined Biophysics and Human Performance Program Review that took place on 2-6 Nov 2015.

The Program Review was hosted by the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine detachment at Fort Sam Houston.

It served as an excellent opportunity to learn the basic research funded by the USAF as well as to explore collaborative opportunities with DOD program managers and researchers.

Controlling upconversion nanocrystals for emerging applications

Dayong Jin  Low Res Edit 00966 November 2015:

The latest review paper from CNBP researchers Dayong Jin and Bingyang Shi, bench-mark their world-leading roles in upconversion nanotechnoloy.

The paper is titled, “Controlling upconversion nanocrystals for emerging applications.”

Authors: Bo Zhou, Bingyang Shi, Dayong Jin & Xiaogang Liu.

The full paper is available online with the abstract included below.

Abstract: Lanthanide-doped upconversion nanocrystals enable anti-Stokes emission with pump intensities several orders of magnitude lower than required by conventional nonlinear optical techniques. Their exceptional properties, namely large anti-Stokes shifts, sharp emission spectra and long excited-state lifetimes, have led to a diversity of applications. Here, we review upconversion nanocrystals from the perspective of fundamental concepts and examine the technical challenges in relation to emission colour tuning and luminescence enhancement. In particular, we highlight the advances in functionalization strategies that enable the broad utility of upconversion nanocrystals for multimodal imaging, cancer therapy, volumetric displays and photonics.

CNBP CI wins excellence award

Nicki Packer Low Res Edit 01254 November 2015:

CNBP CI Nicki Packer has been recognised for her world leading achievements at Macquarie University, winning the  2015 Award for Excellence in Research – Innovative Technologies.

Professor Packer and her team have been acknowledged as one of the first research groups in the world to link glycomics to the proteomics and genomics revolution in biological research.

Further information on Nicki’s research and her Macquarie University award can be found online here.