Monthly Archives: September 2015

Profile in STA newsletter

sabrina217 September 2015:

CNBP researcher Dr Sabrina Heng has been interviewed about her career and passion for science in the latest ‘Science & Technology Australia’ newsletter.

She explains that her passion lies in being in an environment where she is contributing towards developing tools for early disease diagnosis. And that she still gets goose bumps when she reads about the exciting new discoveries and devices being made by her fellow scientists.

Check out the entire interview here.

Multi-year Fellowship announced

cnbplogosquare116 September 2015:

A multi-year Fellowship has been jointly announced by the CNBP and the American Australian Association.

The Fellowship will support an American PhD or early career Postdoctoral Fellow who wishes to conduct research at the CNBP, at any of its Australian nodes – the University of Adelaide, Macquarie University or RMIT University.

The Fellowship will support one year of research at $30,000.

Additional information is available from the American Australian Association web site.

Jeremy Thompson invited speaker at FSA

Jeremy Thompson15 September 2015:

Dr Jeremy Thompson, CNBP Biological Challenge Leader for the Theme ‘Spark of Life’, was an invited speaker at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA 2015).

His talk was entitled ‘New Methods to Assess Embryo Competence‘, and focused primarily on how autofluorescence measurements of embryo metabolism may at least add to, if not become, a stand-alone set of parameters, to measure the quality of pre-implantation embryos before being transferred into the womb.

Dr Thompson also chaired a session at this conference. Further details are available online.

New CNBP student at MQ node

Kaixin-Zhang_web2 September 2015:

CNBP’s Macquarie University node welcomes its newest PhD student, Kaixin Zhang from China.

Kaixin is supervised by Centre Deputy Director Ewa Goldys with his research program focused broadly in the area of nanosensors for biological application.

During his PhD period, he will be focused more specifically on the determination of cytokines by fabricating a series of new biosensors. The synthesis of new specialised fluorescent materials and an exploration of their application will also be involved.

Kaixin comes to Macquarie University, having graduated from the Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, China.

New CNBP student at Macquarie

Sameera2web1 September 2015:

We welcome CNBP’s newest PhD candidate to Macquarie University, Sameera Iqbal.

Sameera, supervised by CNBP Chief Investigator Nicolle Packer, is working on finding a selective bioactive-peptide that will bind to Polysialic Acid, for use in imaging in the brain. Her PhD is titled, “Imaging Polysialic Acid Using Selective Bioactive-Peptides.”

She completed a Bachelor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology from North South University in Dhaka Bangladesh in the year 2012. Then undertook a Master of Research degree in Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Macquarie University. Here she gained expertise in the field of stem cell research, specifically trying to evaluate the effect of labeling stem cells with nanoparticles.

Welcome to the CNBP team Sameera!