Seeing into the body, one photon at a time


In support of the official opening of CNBP’s RMIT University research node, a public lecture was undertaken by CNBP Chief Investigator and RMIT Professor, Andrew Greentree on Wednesday September 30th.

The lecture, titled ‘Seeing into the body, one photon at a time’, saw Andrew Greentree discussing the nature of light, quantum physics, and how new understandings are leading to new biological insights. Also explained was the nano biophotonic research that CNBP is currently undertaking, based on this innovative inter-disciplinary research.

With practical demonstrations (including the use of lasers, table tennis balls and an extra long Slinky) interspersing the 60 minute talk, over 200 members of the public attended and experienced first hand, the passion that Andy brings to his work. Feedback from the event was universally positive.