The science of light at Seymour College

Georgios Tsminis_web17 August 2015:

Dr Georgios Tsiminis, Research Fellow at the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, has presented an overview of research in light and biophotonics for students at Seymour College, Adelaide, in South Australia.

His talk, provided to students from Year 6-12, at the school’s general assembly, focused on the science of light, contributing to the school’s activities related to National Science Week.

Georgios spoke to students about how light can be used as a tool to understand the world around us, with a particular emphasis on the field of BioPhotonics and in vivo detection of early markers of disease.

The aim was to inspire young school children to view physics and photonics as a gateway to becoming involved in exciting transdisciplinary research, beyond the established narrow limits of what physics stands for.