Welcome Hanna McLennan

Student Hannah McLennan31 July 2015:

The ‘Spark of Life’ biological challenge team, welcome Hanna McLennan to the CNBP team (pictured left with Mel McDowall), who will be starting her PhD candidature on 10th August, 2015.

The title of Hanna’s project is “The Spark of Life: Characterising Events Before, During and After Fertilisation of Cumulus Oocyte Complexes” and she will be investigating signalling events that allow for “oocyte activation” or “oocyte-embryo transition”, following fusion between eggs and sperm.

Hanna will be using using cattle COCs as a model for larger mammals and unique tools generated within the CNBP, to be able to capture the first signals of life.

Hanna will be supervised by Mel McDowall, Jeremy Thompson and Sabrina Heng within the University of Adelaide node of the CNBP.