CNBP researchers get ‘Fresh’

Fresh-Science-Vic_web29 July 2015:

Summarizing your research and why it matters in one sentence is hard enough! But when you’re in front of a camera, with a microphone and a curious channel 7 reporter looking at you intently, you really do have to be prepared to get your simple message across. This is what CNBP researchers Daniel Drumm and Philipp Reineck learnt quickly at this year’s ‘Fresh Science Victoria’ program, that took place in Melbourne, July 28-29th , 2015.

The ‘fresh’ program, encouraging public and educational outreach from early career researchers, saw two intensive days of activity (July 28-29) for the two CNBPers who:

– had a full outreach training day at Scienceworks
– workshopped their scientific activity into language clearly understandable to a lay audience
– met with people from Channels 7 and 9, The Age, 3AW and Triple M
– explored the different needs of radio vs. print vs. television media
– met Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Leonie Walsh
– worked on inverting their communication thinking to present the global results first
– presented their projects to the public with a sparkler as a timer (Bright Sparks)
– distilled their work into as few a syllables as possible via haiku and limerick
– met some amazing young scientists from around Victoria with a broad set of skills (physio, geomatics, cancer research, biomechanics, and physics)
– presented their work on stage to an audience of high-school students at Melbourne Museum

Further information on Fresh Science – Stories of discovery from early-career researchers around Australia – is available online.