A close and ongoing partnership with HUST

HUST_launch_web8 July, 2015:

The Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP), celebrated their close and ongoing relationship with a successful partner launch at the Wuhan located  University, on Wednesday July 8th, 2015.

HUST, with a long history of collaboration with individual CNBP researchers prior to recent partnership activity, formally signed up to a partnership agreement in 2014. Both organisations are now working together on a number of biophotonic projects, with arrangements in place for HUST students to work at CNBP research nodes in Australia.

Following presentations and formalities by both parties (led by Prof Shaoqun Zeng for HUST and by Centre Director Mark Hutchinson for the CNBP), open discussion took place on a number of topics including on current projects, as well as opportunities for potential future collaborations.

This was then followed by CNBP science talks and laboratory visits to the Optical Bioimaging Core Facility, the Optoelectronic Microscopy Facility and the Exhibition Hall of Wuhan National Laboratory Optoelectronics.

Feedback from the launch was extremely positive with further exploration and discussion between CNBP and HUST to take place on increased student engagement, as well as on the publication of joint papers and joint grant applications in areas of shared interest. CNBP also extended an invitation to HUST to attend its Annual Retreat in November 2015, which was positively accepted by Professor Zhihong Zhang.

Professor Hutchinson summed up proceedings noting, “The launch was a great success and provided a perfect platform for open discussion to commence with new and old contacts from both HUST and CNBP, to move collaborations and project discussion forward based on translational research.”

Key personnel in attendance from CNBP:

Mark Hutchinson, Mel Trebilcock, Andrew Greentree, Jeremy Thompson, Yinlan Ruan, Daniel Drumm, Vicky Staikopoulos, Guozhen Liu, Philipp Reineck and Antony Orth.

Key personnel in attendance from HUST:

Prof Yi Hailin, Mr H E Gang, Prof Shaoqun Zeng, Prof Changsheng Xie, Prof Zhang Zhihong, Prof Guo Weihua, Prof Xiao Cheng and Xiaochun Xiao.

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