Lab visit to HUST-WNLO in Wuhan, China

Vicky staikopoulos7 July 2015:

CNBP Research Fellow, Vicky Staikopoulos has only good things to say following a successful laboratory visit to partner collaborators located at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

In a post visit report she notes –

“CNBP team members were invited to spend a couple of weeks in the labs of the affiliated WNLO (Wuhan National Laboratories for Optoelectronics) to generate some work that would form the pilot data for potentially on-going collaboration & future publications. I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn some new imaging techniques for live animal work and opted to attend.”

“The idea put forth to Prof. Zhang and her team was use of our Chronic constriction model of neuropathic pain in the sciatic nerve, to then observe morphological or signal output changes in the spinal cord of live animals.”

“We attempted this work and in the process generated our first data that shows that this approach is feasible. We also learnt that we needed to improve some of our technical processes as regards future activity. Additionally, I learned about some of the limitations in carrying out live animal imaging and also undertook some new surgical techniques.”

“It was a great environment to work in, the students and staff at the institute made me feel welcom and were very generous with their time despite having their own work to do. They were willing to explore new ideas even if they hadn’t tired the activity themselves before.”

“I would highly recommend this facility to any CNBP student wanting to spend some time working in an overseas lab. This was a thoroughly rewarding place to visit.”