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CNBP CI gives keynote nano talk

brantgibson16 June 2015:

Brant Gibson, Associate Professor at RMIT University and CNBP Chief Investigator, was keynote speaker at the “Vaccine, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Symposium: Exploring Nanotechnologies,” event, hosted by the Burnet Institute at the Alfred Centre, in Melbourne.

Taking place on June 16th, 2015, Brant’s talk was titled, “Nanodiamond for biophotonic and hybrid-photonic applications.”


Inspiring visit to Sydney Girls High School

Ewa Goldys Low Res Edit 015916 June 2015:

CNBP Deputy Director, Prof Ewa Goldys had an inspiring visit to Sydney Girls High School on Thursday, June 11, 2015 where she acted as an ‘expert judge’ in assessing Year 9 students and their research projects as part of the school’s annual Science Conference.

Students designed and performed an investigation into a research area of their own choosing (a part of the NSW Science Curriculum) with the Conference providing a forum where students could present their research to an expert panel.

The panel not only provided students with feedback relating to their investigation, but also determined the projects worthy of further recognition. The determination considered both experimental design and the ability of the student to communicate their ideas.

Goldys enjoyed attending and judging the competition noting, “All students were enthusiastic and their work prepared to a very high standard. The winning entries were intellectually sophisticated and impressively presented. This is an excellent initiative and we are hoping to maintain our association with this activity over future years.”

Areas investigated by the students ranged from gel electrophoresis to clean energy.

Pictured below – Ewa Goldys with the winning students.

MQ Ewa outreach_lowrez


Macquarie node welcomes visitor Prof. Teresa Petersen

Teresa Petersen

16 June 2015:

CNBP’s Macquarie University node is pleased to welcome Associate Professor Teresa Petersen from Aalborg University, Denmark who is visiting the Centre for a two week period. As a part of the visit she will be giving a seminar titled “Towards a new photonic cancer therapy: stopping cancer cell activation, migration and metastases with light.” The seminar will take place on Friday 19th June.

All are welcome with seminar details as follows:

Seminar time: 15:00-16:00, Friday, 19 June
Seminar Room: E6A 102 Theatrette

Nanorubies talk at EMN conference, China

Varun Sreenivasan_web15 June 2015

Varun Sreenivasan, affiliate CNBP researcher has updated the international nanobiophotonics community on his nanorubies research after providing an invited talk at the Energy Materials and Nanotechnology (EMN) conference in Qingdao, China (14-17th June 2015).

The talk titled, ‘Production and surface engineering of nanorubies for ultrasensitive biomolecular imaging’, provided an overview of nanorubies as new generation photoluminescent probes – their mass production, functionalisation and demonstrated biomolecular labeling in vitro.


New starter at Macquarie node

Lianmei Jiang15 June 2015:

CNBP Macquarie node welcomes on board its newest recruit, Dr Lianmei Jiang, Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

A part of Prof Jim Piper’s group, Lianmei will be undertaking CNBP related research activity, particularly related to CNBP’s Olympus collaboration.

Welcome to the CNBP team Lianmei.

A win for trans-disciplinary and trans node research

Mel McDowall High Res Edit 0040

12 June 2015:

It just goes to show that collaborations work! CNBP researcher Mel McDowall has won the “International Award for Best Abstract (Australia/New Zealand)” at the Study of Reproduction (SSR) annual conference that will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico 18–22 of June. Based in the USA, SSR is one of the largest reproductive societies in the world.

The study, titled “Non-invasive detection of metabolic heterogeneity in cow embryos as a predictor of developmental competence” aimed at investigating patterns of different metabolism within embryos cultured in optimal or stressed conditions and stems from a collaboration between Ewa Goldys, Martin Gosnell and Ayad Anwer (Macquarie University); Andrew Abell and Malcolm Purdey (University of Adelaide) and Jeremy Thompson.

In the final experimental stages, this study is already making a big impact on the reproductive biology world!

Centre workshop at Macquarie University

MQ seminar June 2015_web10 June 2015:

It was a full house at CNBP’s Materials and Bioconjugation Workshop, June 9th 2015.

Hosted at Macquarie University, the full day workshop featured CNBP researchers talking briefly about their project work, followed by five minute Q&As.

Intended as educational overviews, the talks successfully enhanced understanding across the disparate areas of the trans-disciplinary Centre with positive feedback from participants.

A highlight of the day was a 60 minute talk from invited speaker Tiffany Walsh – Professor of BioNanotechnology at the Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University who spoke about her work on molecular simulation and modelling.

The event concluded with further networking and drinks.

Publication: Multifunctional glucose biosensors from Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified chitosan/graphene nanocomposites

yong liu8 June 2015:

CNBP researcher Yong Liu features on a newly published paper titled ‘Multifunctional glucose biosensors from Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified chitosan/graphene nanocomposites’.

ABSTRACT: Novel water-dispersible and biocompatible chitosan-functionalized graphene (CG) has been prepared by a one-step ball milling of carboxylic chitosan and graphite. Presence of nitrogen (from chitosan) at the surface of graphene enables the CG to be an outstanding catalyst for the electrochemical biosensors. The resulting CG shows lower ID/IG ratio in the Raman spectrum than other nitrogen-containing graphene prepared using different techniques. Magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (MNP) are further introduced into the as-synthesized CG for multifunctional applications beyond biosensors such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Carboxyl groups from CG is used to directly immobilize glucose oxidase (GOx) via covalent linkage while incorporation of MNP further facilitated enzyme loading and other unique properties. The resulting biosensor exhibits a good glucose detection response with a detection limit of 16 μM, a sensitivity of 5.658 mA/cm2/M, and a linear detection range up to 26 mM glucose. Formation of the multifunctional MNP/CG nanocomposites provides additional advantages for applications in more clinical areas such as in vivo biosensors and MRI agents.

Wenjing Zhang, Xiaojian Li, Ruitao Zou, Huizi Wu, Haiyan Shi, Shanshan Yu, and Yong Liu, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 11129. DOI: 10.1038/srep11129.

The full article can be downloaded here:


Successful grant from the Neurological Research Foundation

markhutchinson5 June 2015:

CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson and Deputy Director Ewa Goldys have been successfully named on a grant from the Neurological Research Foundation, to characterize peripheral blood immune cell hyperspectral profiles from spinal cord injury patients. The activity is to aid in the prediction of motor recovery outcome after injury.  If successful, this line of research will hopefully lead to not only further external funding for the CNBP but also the future hope of a potential diagnostic tool.

Poster presented at ASMS

Arun24 June 2015:

CNBP researcher, Dr. Arun Dass presented a poster at the recent American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) 2015 conference titled: ‘A simple and sensitive method for the analysis of sphingolipid glycosylation enables the differentiation of ovarian cancer sub-types’.

The meeting took place  May 30-June 4th; St. Louis, USA.

The ASMS is a professional association based in the United States that supports the scientific field of mass spectrometry and publishes the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. ASMS sponsors the Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics that is attended by more than 6,500 scientists from around the world. Approximately 3,000 papers are presented as posters and talks.