Inspiring visit to Sydney Girls High School

Ewa Goldys Low Res Edit 015916 June 2015:

CNBP Deputy Director, Prof Ewa Goldys had an inspiring visit to Sydney Girls High School on Thursday, June 11, 2015 where she acted as an ‘expert judge’ in assessing Year 9 students and their research projects as part of the school’s annual Science Conference.

Students designed and performed an investigation into a research area of their own choosing (a part of the NSW Science Curriculum) with the Conference providing a forum where students could present their research to an expert panel.

The panel not only provided students with feedback relating to their investigation, but also determined the projects worthy of further recognition. The determination considered both experimental design and the ability of the student to communicate their ideas.

Goldys enjoyed attending and judging the competition noting, “All students were enthusiastic and their work prepared to a very high standard. The winning entries were intellectually sophisticated and impressively presented. This is an excellent initiative and we are hoping to maintain our association with this activity over future years.”

Areas investigated by the students ranged from gel electrophoresis to clean energy.

Pictured below – Ewa Goldys with the winning students.

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