CNBP researcher publishes cover article

Daniel research image2 June 2015:

A new research paper has been published by CNBP researcher Daniel W. Drumm. The article, examining models for a dye-sensitised solar cell, featured on the back cover of the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

TITLE: Optical properties of a conjugated-polymersensitised solar cell: the effect of interfacial structure.

Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs) have sparked considerable interest over two decades. Recently, a method of polymer-wire sensitisation was demonstrated; the polymer is suggested to form a hole transport pathway (wire) following initial charge separation. We predict the optical properties of this polymer in various interfacial configurations, including the effects of chain length and attachment to {100} or {101} TiO2 facets. Contrary to most DSSCs, the {100} facet model best describes the experimental spectrum, predicting a relative thickness of 5.7 0.2 mm, although {101} attachment, if implemented, may improve collection efficiency. Long chains are optimal, and stable attachment sites show minimal differences to absorbance in the major solar emission (visible) band. Combinations of {100}, {101}, and pseudo-bulk TiO2 models in threeparameter fits to experiment confirm the relative importance of the {100} facet.

Daniel W. Drumm, A. Bilic, Y. Tachibana, A. Millere and S. P. Russoa
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17:14489, 2015 DOI: 10.1039/C4CP05290K.

The full article can be downloaded:!divAbstract