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Prof Montarop Yamabhai visits CNBP

18 March 201Ewa and Montarop5

Professor Ewa Goldys from the MQ node  welcomed a new visitor  this week.

Professor  Montarop Yamabhai  is affiliated  with the School of Biotechnology, Suranaree University of Technology Suranari Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand. She is a recipient of the Endeavour fellowship and she will spend 2 months at Macquarie University.

Montarop and Ewa plan to develop  a joint program in the area of biosensing with peptides. They are planning student exchanges and joint funding applications.


CNBP hosts Olympus Australia

CNBP RMIT node meet with Olympus18 March 2015:

The CNBP continued to build on its close industry link with Olympus Australia, recently hosting James Bowe (Director of Olympus Australia), and several of his colleagues (Eisuke Arinobe and Kim Everuss) at the Centre’s RMIT research node in Melbourne.

Invited as guest speaker for the RMIT School of Applied Sciences 2015 Awards Ceremony, James Bowe took the time to meet with CNBP RMIT team members prior to the event and was given a tour of the new CNBP office and laboratory space which is currently under construction.

The visit demonstrated the closeness between the two organisations, with both keen to explore and develop potential collaboration opportunities.

The Awards Ceremony also proved to be a successful evening for the Centre, with CNBP student Ashleigh Heffernan recognised twice for his achievements. He accepted the Nanotechnology Award for Physics as well as the Walter Boas Memorial Prize which recognises creativity in third year physics study.

Marie-Curie Fellowship Success

Xue Bai_blog16 March 2015:

Our forthcoming CNBP Research Fellow, Xue Bai, has been awarded a prestigious Marie-Curie Fellowship. The Fellowship, one of Europe’s most competitive awards, is aimed at fostering interdisciplinary research and international collaboration.

Bai’s project, entitled ‘Real-time Up-conversion Luminescence Thermometry Based on Lanthanide Doped Nanodiamonds in a Living Cell’, will see the development of a novel thermometer to be used for intracellular temperature sensing. This project will be carried out at CNBP’s Macquarie University node, as well as at Aston University in the UK, and includes two key partners, the Humboldt University (Germany) and Medtronic Inc (USA).

Xue Bai has more than 10 years research experience in the construction and optical investigation of lanthanide based nanophosphors. At CNBP, she will bring her extensive knowledge and expertise of luminescence to the ‘Illuminate’ theme. She will be responsible for the development of new generation biological imaging nanoparticles, for use in super-sensitive and high-resolution biological sensing systems.

PhD Thesis to be awarded Vice-Chancellor Commendation

Jie Lu_web12 March 2015:

It’s exciting news for one of our Macquarie University graduates Mr Jie Lu, who has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for his PhD.

This award  is recognition that the thesis belongs in the top 5% of research submissions for that degree.

The thesis, ‘Developing Signal Amplification Strategies for Sensitive Detection of Low Abundance Biomolecules’ was acknowledged as being of an exceptionally high standard by all three  PhD examiners.