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CNBP workshop on International collaborations at SPIEwest

markhutchinson10 February 2015: International Engagement:

Thanks to all of our friends who attended the CNBP workshop at SPIE West.  CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson and Deputy Director Ewa Goldys were delighted to see over 100 attendees and look forward to continuing conversations over the coming months.

More information about the workshop will be found on the CNBP events page soon

Publication: Molecular Reproduction and Development


Embryo stained

3 February 2015 – Interdisciplinary and inter-node publication

Accepted in next to no time – CNBP scores our first internode and interdisciplinary Embryo publication

We have just submitted this paper a few days ago and the editor liked it so much that it was immediately accepted!  The paper cited below is a result of joint work between Dr Mel McDowall  and A/Prof Jeremy Thompson with other embryology co-authors, Prof Andrew Abell  and PhD Student Malcolm Purdy  (Chemistry Adelaide node of CNBP), and Prof Ewa Goldys (Physics, MQ node of CNBP). Andrew provided unique reagents and Ewa introduced quantitative analysis of the images. The images are also lovely, and Mel made a nice desktop background which we will submit for the journal cover.

This event demonstrates our collective power when we apply our diverse disciplines to a single CNBP biological challenge.

 “REDOX and anti-oxidant state within cattle oocytes following in vitro maturation with bone morphogenetic protein 15 and follicle stimulating hormone

Melanie L Sutton-McDowall 1,2, 7, Malcolm Purdey 2; Hannah M Brown 1, Andrew Abell 2; David G Mottershead 1, Pablo D Cetica 3, Gabriel C Dalvit 3, Ewa M Goldys 4; Robert B Gilchrist 1, 6, David K Gardner 5 & Jeremy G Thompson 1, 2

Accepted in Molecular Reproduction and Development.  Accepted 3 Feb 2015


Glass artists visit the Braggs Building to explore how scientists use glass for fibres

heikeebendorff12-15 February 2015: Science meets Art

A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidelpriem will host two tours of the Braggs research laboratories at the University of Adelaide.

Visitors will include glass artists from around Australia with an interest in understanding the way in which researchers make and manipulate glass for scientific research.