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Prof Brian Wilson speaking at launch on International Year of Light

Brian Wilson Low Res Edit 004719-20 January 2015 – International Year of Light

CNBP Partner Investigator Professor Brian Wilson from University Health Network, Toronto was invited to give a presentation on biophotonics “light in health and disease” at the opening ceremony of the International Year of Light at UNESCO headquarters in Paris – Jan 19-20 2015


New Publication in Human Reproducation for CI Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson16 January 2015: Publication

Spitz, C., Guzman, L., Mertzanidou, A., Jacobs, K., Ortega-Hrepich, C., Gilchrist, R.B., Thompson, J.G., De Vos, M., Smitz, J. and Sermon, K. (2014) Chromosome constitution of human embryos generated after in vitro maturation 3 (IVM) including 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (IBMX) in oocyte collection medium. Human Reproduction DOI:10.1093/humrep/deu329

Nanoparticle chemistry meets diamond physics

fluroesence - from Jim piper213 January 2015: Working with CNBP AIs

Today, CNBP researchers from the RMIT node met Associate Investigator Prof Paul Mulvaney in Melbourne to discuss strategies to use fluorescent nanoparticles in biomedical imaging and sensing applications. In particular, the challenges associated with incorporating nanoscale materials into biomedical devices and carrying out highly reproducible and sensitive measurements in complex biological environments were addressed.