John Horsely wins IPAS Best PhD Student Paper

John Horsley Low Res Edit 014130 January 2015

Congratulations to John Horsley who recently joined CNBP as  postdoctoral researcher for winning the “IPAS Best PhD Student Paper Awards” for his 2014 CNBP publication “Unraveling the Interplay of Backbone Rigidity and Electron Rich Side-Chains on Electron Transfer in Peptides: The Realization of Tunable Molecular Wires” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136, 12479.
The research reported in this paper provides a crucial step in the design and fabrication of molecular-based electronic devices. The paper was highlighted by F1000Prime, a post-publication peer review comprising of more than 5,000 of the world’s leading scientists and recommended as being of special significance in its field.
*The above paper was also highlighted in the Feb. 2015 edition of the magazine ‘Chemistry in Australia’ (p.12).
**It was also listed in the top ten articles since 2014 in BioMedLib.