Georgios Tsmininis visits CUL (Sun Tong) – Jan 2015

Visit date: 29th January 2015

Persons involved: Georgios Tsiminis, Tong Sun, Stephen Wren, Matthias Fabian

Overview: I had a very fruitful visit and we discussed setting a collaborative research project using a PhD student that they will advertise for to build on the mutual strengths of City and the Centre. Their interest is in developing a fibre sensors for glucose monitoring, based on their molecular imprint polymers, but they would very much like input and help on surface characterisation, establishing the quality and uniformity of the layers they put down in making their sensor. In addition, novel fibre structures, as well as access to clinical/animal testing capabilities for testing are on their list of things they could get from this collaboration. I was also glad to see that they have great experience in producing fibre sensors that are already being tested by industry partners and this is a strength of theirs we would greatly benefit from.