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CNBP-themed Research Conference at Macquarie University

Andrei and Igor12 December 2014: They just could not stop talking!

Finishing 2014 on a high note the Macquarie CNBP node organized a CNBP-themed  MQ BioFocus Research Conference on 10 December.

An ECR-led Conference Committee comprising Dr Wei Deng, Ms K. Drozdowicz-Tomsia, and Dr Varun Sreenivasan put together an exciting program of talks and posters, covering disciplines from medicine to laser physics.

Rarely have we seen more lively discussions!

The meeting was attended by 70 staff and students from CNBP and Macquarie MQ BioFocus Research Centre led by Professor Ewa Goldys (Deputy Director, CNBP).

CNBP Associate Investigators (pictured above) A/Prof Igor Aharonovich (right) and Andrei Zvyagin (left) have presented their research.

MQ BioFocus Research Centre was established in 2010 and it laid the foundation for the CNBP node at Macquarie.

Dr Andrew Brown, Senior Director, SPIE visits CNBP

SPIE visit11 December 2014:  Each day at CNBP brings a new highlight!

Today, Senior Director of SPIE, Dr Andrew Brown visited the CNBP node at Macquarie.

SPIE the international society for optics and photonics is the key professional organisation set to promote and develop the light-based science and technology as well as the whole spectrum of their applications.
The Macquarie node showcases their research and facilities.

We also discussed our upcoming CNBP International launch which will take place at Photonics West (BIOS) in San Francisco 7-12 February 2015

BIOS is the world largest and most important annual event in Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics

PhD student Ivan Antolovic from TU Delft visits CNBP node at Macquarie

Ivan and Piotr from MQ10 December 2014: Here’s to CNBP mateship

Ivan Antolovic is pictured here with Piotr Wargocki, a CNBP researcher at Macquarie.

They have only just met, but are already the best of mates, thanks to two weeks together in a dark optics lab trying to make a novel SwissSPAD chip detect photons.

The smiles tell it all, the chip has worked – on the day before Ivan had to fly back to Europe!

Congratulations to both young researchers for their outstanding FPGA programming skills and thanks to our wonderfully supportive collaborators in Physics at Macquarie, Professors David Coutts and David Spence.

The CNBP node at Macquarie and TU Delft/EPFL started this collaboration in early 2014.

The aim is to develop a single photon avalanche diode imager suitable for applications ranging from fluorescence to quantum security.

The chip is capable of fast frame rates up to 156 kfps.

Gates as short as 5 ns can be used to limit the sensitive period of the sensor.

This configuration can be utilized in time correlated measurements and yield fluorescence lifetimes.

The long term goal of this project is to enable molecular vision during surgery.



Macquaire BioFocus Research Centre Conference

fromjimpiper7 December 2014: Upcoming event

The Macquarie BioFocus Research Centre is organising a conference in bringing together academics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine from within Macquarie and other local institutions.

See for details.

Registration is free, and all are welcome to attend.