Prof Sergey Deyev visits Macquaire Node

15 Dec 20CNBP_candy14 – 15 January 2015: Visitor

Professor Sergey Deyev from the Institute of Bioogranic Chemistry, Moscow will visit the CNBP Macquarie Node between 15 December 2014 and 15 January 2015.

Professor Deyev is visiting Prof Ewa Goldys and our AI Andrei Zvyagin

Biography highlights

Professor Deyev graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry, obtained PhD degree in Molecular Biology, followed by a.Sci. degree in Molecular Biology at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology.  His primary position is a Deputy Head of Immunology Department at Shemyakin & Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; and also the Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences highly regarded in the Russian academic system.  His research experience and interests include:

Targeted delivery of nano-agents (nanogold, magnetic nanoparticles, toxins, quantum dots, radioisotopes) to tumors for cancer diagnostics (bioimaging) and therapy, self-assembly of nanoparticles;

Introduction of the recombinant production of a high-affinity protein pair barnase:barstar to enable new immunocytochemistry methods, multivalent complexes production, and targeted drug delivery;

Development of functional homo- and multivalent complexes, such as immunotoxins, photosensitisers, based on recombinant proteins.

Stably transfected fluorescent cancer cell lines for in vivo study of cancer progression and monitoring of treatment were developed.