Successful ARC Grant

heikeebendorff5 November 2014: Advanced capabilities for surface engineering and nanolithography

Congratulations to CNBP researcher A/Prof HEike Ebendorff and colleagues for their successful ARC Discovery Grant worth $330,000

Losic, Prof Dusan; Shapter, Prof Joseph G; Nann, Prof Thomas; Abbott, Prof Derek; Nyden, Prof Magnus; Skinner, Prof William M; Ellis, Prof Amanda V; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, A/Prof Heike; Quinton, A/Prof Jamie S; Santos, Dr Abel; Koeper, Dr Ingo; Xie, Dr Zonghan

Advanced capabilities for surface engineering and nanolithography: This project will establish a facility for atomic layer deposition and nanolithography. Strong fabrication and engineering capabilities are key in keeping interdisciplinary research highly competitive. The applications of these cutting-edge surface nanoengineering technologies are enormous and include: development of new materials with new properties for sensing, biosensing, optical, photonic, electronic and medical devices, new metamaterials, solar cell, energy production and environmental protection.