Successful ARC LIEF Grant

Dayong Jin  Low Res Edit 0096

5 November 2014: $440,000 awarded for National live cell scanning platform for nano particle tracking.

Congratulations to A/Prof Dayong Jin i n leading the bid team for their $440,000 grant!

Jin, A/Prof Dayong; Monro, Prof Tanya M; Braet, A/Prof Filip C; Gibson, Dr Brant C; Paulsen, Prof Ian T; Traini, A/Prof Daniela; Hutchinson, A/Prof Mark R; Greentree, A/Prof Andrew D; Chung, Prof Roger; Young, A/Prof Paul M; Willows, A/Prof Robert D; Lu, Dr Yiqing

National live cell scanning platform for nanoparticle tracking: The aim of the project is to establish a multi-disciplinary, multi-user, self-correlated scanning facility to reach a new level of temporal and spatial precision for real-time tracking and quantification of biomolecules and nanoparticles within large populations of living cells. The facility will consist of a live-cell spinning-disc confocal microscope, a correlated biological atomic force microscope, and remote access facilities. It is expected that with superior optical characterisation and mechanical manipulation, the automated orthogonal scanning facility will open new avenues to reveal unprecedented information from biological and pathological processes. The collaborative facility will support world-class researchers in the multi-disciplinary areas of physical, material and life sciences, placing Australia at the forefront of nanoscale biophotonics.