South Australian High Throughput Screening Facility

andrewabell5 November 2014: Successful ARC LIEF grant

Congratulation to the team including CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Andrew Abell for their $860,000 grant

Michael, Dr Michael Z; Booker, A/Prof Grant W; Venter, Dr Henrietta; Pitson, Prof Stuart M; McKinnon, Prof Ross A; Abell, Prof Andrew D; Soole, A/Prof Kathleen L; Sykes, Prof Pamela J; Bruning, Dr John B

High throughput screening facility: The project aims to establish a high throughput screening facility (including a confocal cell imager and surface plasmon resonance facility) to provide researchers with access to equipment that will enable cultured cells to be screened with large libraries of chemicals or nucleic acids (over-expression, RNA interference, microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs). Cellular responses can be monitored by biochemical assays or detailed imaging. These screens will enable dissection of biological pathways and discovery of genes that regulate fundamental biological processes. Models will include microbial, plant and mammalian cells. The facility will also study inter-molecular interactions. Fragment-based lead discovery screens will generate novel reagents for studying protein and membrane biology.