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Prof Mark Hutchinson wow’s first year students

markhutchinson  20 October 2014: FIGJAM award

Professor Hutchinson was awarded the coveted University of Adelaide “Fig Jam Award” from first year science coordinator Dr Velta Vingelis for a recent lecture to undergraduate students.  In the words of Dr Vingelis:  I also know for a fact that kids were all amazed and that many will be emailing you, stalking you, in general harrassing you for the opprtunity to work/volunteer in your laboratory. You left an indelible impression on the students and myself.

Congratulations Mark!

Publication in Scientific Reports

opticscomembryonicstemcell13 October 2014: Time Gated Luminescence

Practical Implementation, Characterization and Applications of a Multi-Colour Time-Gated Luminescence Microscope

Authors: Lixin Zhang,  Xianlin Zheng, Wei Deng, Yiqing Lu, Severine Lechevallier, Zhiqiang  Ye, Ewa M. Goldys, Judith M. Dawes, James A. Piper, Jingli Yuan, Marc Verelst & Dayong Jin

For the article see: Scientific Reports 4,: 6597


Dr Sabrina Heng to speak at RACI event

Sabrina Heng3 October 2014: Invited Talk at RACI Division of Interfaces, Colloids and Nanomaterials symposium

“Nanochemistry for Life” is a series of one day symposia. They are an opportunity to network with researchers in this field and for chemistry students to learn about current challenges and meet potential supervisors and colleagues.  Our speakers will include leading early career researchers.