Windows into the Body

Ewa image - persmission for website onlyAugust 2014: New windows into the body are being opened at the Macquarie CNBP node working with industry partners.

Macquarie node of CNBP develops a hyperspectral imaging technology which is being applied to the three CNBP Biological Challenges within our program. Within this approach cells are illuminated at a variety of colours and their native emission is analysed with respect to its colour information.

With the aid of a novel complex multistage information maximisation method developed by Quantitative Pty Ltd our hyperspectral images reveal a completely new picture of a developing embryo.

Our Centre biologists are currently exploring biological significance and relevance of the exceptionally fine detail now recognizable from the processed images.

We also plan to extend work on the hyperspectral technology in partnership with Olympus and other commercial organisations.