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Engaging with the Community at Science Alive!

Andrew Abell10 August 2014: National Science Week Activity Science Alive!

Science Alive! is one of Australia’s premier science and technology Expos with over 50 science-related organizations offering hands-on fun for all ages. Dazzling science, animal and magic shows will have children entranced and it will be the event they never want to leave.

Professor Andrew Abell joinied other Austrlaian researcher to inspire young South Australians in the joy of science


Research Update from CI Goldys

nanorubies7 August 2014: New update from Macquarie

August promises to be an eventful month for CNBP. On the 6th of August, Ewa established a new collaboration with ETH in the area of SPAD arrays. These devices have applications for real-time fluorescence lifetime imaging. The idea is to use them as a version of Google glass for surgeons, enabling them to see the operation in a totally new light with molecular contrast.

On the 7th of August we obtained our first collaborative results from our joint work with Professor Rainer Heitzmann from our partner institution, IPHT. We used nanorubies developed by the Macquarie team (Zvyagin, Goldys, Sreenivasan, Wan) to carry out superresolution imaging in Rainer’s laboratory. The results are truly spectacular

Welcome Aziz Rehman and Piotr Wargocki to the CNBP team

Themes7 August 2014:New CNBP Members at Macquarie

Today the Macquarie node of CNBP welcomed two budding researchers Aziz Rehmann and Piotr Wojdecki.

Aziz is our new PhD student being supervised by Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director of CNBP. His program will contribute to noninvasive sensing of biological systems within the “Detect“ theme.

Piotr is working on a small project with a company Moxtek to develop a mobile phone based assay platform. Professor Goldys collaborates with Moxtek on novel biosensors.

Publication in LaserFocusWorld

publications 7 August 2014: Microstrcutures Fibers: Microstructured-fiber properties and remote-sensing capabilities


ABSTRACT:  Microstructured fibers are filled with extremely bright rare-earth-doped nanocrystals (Superdots), the tailored-fiber geometry and bright particles significantly increase nanoparticle detection sensitivity in difficult-to-access locations.  For the full article please click here

International Fellow to join CNBP Macquaire

IPHT jena Logo6 August 2014: Dr Christian Leiterer from IPHT Jena

Dr Christian. Leiterer from the Institute for Photonic Technology in Jena Germany (IPHT) Macquarie University has been funded to undertake a 6 month research fellowship in 2014 at the Macquarie Node of CNBP . The competitive Fellowship is provided by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) . His research will focus on the development of a microfluidic device for the separation of non-polar biomarkers. The work is expected to commence in the second half of 2014 Christian will be working with Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director, CNBP and Dr David Inglis, (Macquarie Engineering).

Dr Leiterer is currently working as scientific employee at the Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena, a Partner Institution of our Centre.